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8x Top Writer (Oct 2021). I am a Consultant by training. Now, I run start-ups. Simplicity is my mantra. I think, I write, I am.

This is my 1-year long journey synthesized into a 4-minute read

Image Contributed by the Author. This is me working at home.

This is what I wrote in About Me, 1 year ago.

Today, I have one year of writing experience under my belt. I have visible battle scars all over too.

With time, I started to think differently about writing and writing about writing.

In this About Me remake, I will…

Writer, not a writer. Can write, cannot write. Want to be, maybe. Coherently incoherent. Believer of complex simplicity.

Author standing at the balcony of a beach resort.
Image contributed by the author. This is me on a family vacation in Bintan.

Let me start with a confession.

I got myself into a flux.

I cannot write yet I do. What attracted me wasn’t the act of writing. I wanted an avenue to extract the mess from my head. Writing helps, or so I thought.

Writing did not clear the mental mess…

I trust my struggle.

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash

Writing is tough. I salute everyone who writes for a living. It requires a monumental effort to extract that little idea in our heads and give birth to them in visible form. This effort goes beyond the use of alphabets, sentences, paragraphs, and expressions. Beyond that, coherence matters.

I struggled…

Just being brutally honest.

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

I learned a lot from my Aunt during my growing-up years. She is very different from my Mum. So different, in fact, that I doubted their sisterhood many times. My Mum embraced the narrative of the average. My Aunt did not. My Mum believed in being contented with life. …

Letting loose for a day.

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

I am writing this story for myself because I needed it. I wanted to experience the freedom of writing what I want to, without receiving any private notes from editors. And for that matter, rejection emails. …

Let’s face it. We are all on a biological one-way street. We have to experience the richness and diversity of life.

Writing late at night.
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

I tend to think about different things, all at the same time. That is how I roll, and that is how my mind works. Sometimes, the thought processes come together and I can get one writing idea from it.

My mind wanders in different directions based on what I see…

Financial Education | Financial Acumen | Assets & Liabilities

All. Except cash.

A chalkboard with the word, “Inflation”.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

“All assets hedge against inflation.”

- Warren Buffett, C.E.O. of Berkshire Hathaway

The global economy is under severe inflationary pressures. Prices are going up, up, and up. The only thing that is coming down is the value of cash.

To protect ourselves from an inflationary tsunami, we need to understand…

There is limited marketing impact from one-person, single-company best effort. Consider deliberate collaboration for exponential outreach and awareness.

A chalkboard image of shaking hands.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Outreach and awareness drive marketing campaigns.

We want our company name to be known and prospects to be informed of our presence. We want companies to know that we are ready to establish business communication.

At first, we go lone-wolf. We do everything alone because of various reasons. Budget (or…

It is counterintuitive. I thought it was a bad idea, wasting more time preparing for meetings. It turned out to be the best idea I have ever implemented.

Attending meetings with circulars.
Image by aymane jdidi from Pixabay

Business meetings are inevitable. Death by PowerPoint is avoidable. Therefore, we might as well make the best of our time.

How? By marketing our ideas to the people in the same meeting. DOes it has to be PowerPoint? Not really.

Everyone I work with complains about our meetings. There are…

Editorial Op-Ed | Top 3 | Of Reading and Writing | Self

Improving our writing is not easy. There is no endpoint in sight. What we can do is take one step at a time.

Thinking about writing.
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

I know, I know. This is probably the 1,000th article you came across on How to Write Better. You are probably sick and tired of frivolous and impractical advice that yields no tangible results.

Trust me. I get it. At least, I will not tell you that following my advice…

Aldric Chen

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