Thank you for popping by! I am deeply humbled.

Hi, I am Aldric.

I have been a consultant all my life.

I live, breathe, think, and act like one inside the office and outside of work.

How people think fascinates me. Closing a deal with people from all walks of life excites me. An excitement that is Larger than Life, as Backstreet Boys would sing?

And that is why I primarily write about entrepreneurship, startups, marketing, sales, and all things business. I am deeply engrossed in the world of business.

It is how I roll.

I think about writing rather differently.

Writing is a way for me to express my thoughts, and share my ideas with you.

It brings me immense pleasure if you find my articles helpful for your consulting practice, startups, business, entrepreneurship journey, and side-hustles.

And if you do...



Now, a little bit about Aldric.

- I am a 24x Top Writer (as of June 2023).

- As mentioned above, I am a Consultant by training.

- I currently work as a Pre-Sales Senior Manager in the Technology space during my 9 - 6.

- I run start-ups as a Co-Founder / Fractional Executive.

- I am working to grow my consulting practice on the side.

- I engage in side-hustles to learn, explore possibilities, and ultimately earn.

- I think and write to spread ideas that work.

- Do reach out and say hi on Linkedin and Twitter!

- This is my learning journey writing on Medium (After 12 months).

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Aldric Chen

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24x Top Writer (as of June 2023). Serial eavesdropper. I capture interesting & uncomfortable real-life retirement / work-life stories the way they are.