Society is filled with free advice that never works.

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Everyone likes to give free advice. It is time to stop listening.

I have a newfound mantra when it comes to advise. I do not listen unless I seek it. There are many reasons I say this, and we can all relate.

Remember those times where we want to get out to earn some pocket money to buy a nice-looking pair of jeans? What happened to that thought bubble after speaking to Mum? I bet it sounded something like this.

“You are too young to flip burgers, son. Get back to your desk and practice your algebra, will you?”


I trust my struggle.

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Writing is tough. I salute everyone who writes for a living. It requires a monumental effort to extract that little idea in our heads and give birth to them in visible form. This effort goes beyond the use of alphabets, sentences, paragraphs, and expressions. Beyond that, coherence matters.

I struggled a lot in school when it comes to languages. In Singapore, we had to slog through the first 10 years of our education learning 2 languages. The first one is the national working language, and that is English. The second one is our Mother Tongue, which is Chinese for me.

Just being brutally honest.

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I learned a lot from my Aunt during my growing-up years. She is very different from my Mum. So different, in fact, that I doubted their sisterhood many times. My Mum embraced the narrative of the average. My Aunt did not. My Mum believed in being contented with life. My Aunt pushes the envelope of possibility.

I was drawn to my Aunt because I was never happy with what I had. I wanted more. I wanted to prove that I am a cut above the rest, and I wanted people to recognize me for it. …

Big mistake if you do.

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It is easy to mistake one for the other. They appear alike, especially from the perspective of a third party. However, there is a difference between temporary retreating from the noisy surroundings and not wanting anyone else to enter into our world.

I have been accused of anti-social behavior for the longest time. That is a third-party view that is inaccurate. Let me explain why.

I do find the world outside my personal space to be noisy. And I think that is so by default. I like to think, read, and observe. …

Letting loose for a day.

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I am writing this story for myself because I needed it. I wanted to experience the freedom of writing what I want to, without receiving any private notes from editors. And for that matter, rejection emails. I understand that it is necessary to improve my craft daily, though there are times where I needed to do things my way.

We work for our keep. We write to grow a side income, and in the process, getting to know people in the circle and carve a niche for ourselves. …

Mental Health

Laughing is the best cure for all things negative

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We are besieged by all things negative these days. Examples include the never-ending pandemic, the ever-increasing wealth gap, and the validity of climate change. The litany of bad news never ends.

Bad news grips our attention while the good news is ignored.

That brings us to mental health issues. This is inevitable. No matter how resilient you are to Chicken Little, listening to him all day will turn you into a hypochondriac.

What are you going to do when you are feeling down? Pop anti-depressants into your mouth? Visit a psychiatrist once every week?

I have a natural, inexpensive alternative.


Writing allows me to express myself freely

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At home, I have no friends.

Growing up, I was taught that family order and harmony take precedence over the expression of individual thought. Expressing how I feel about curry chicken is irrelevant unless my grandmother asked me for my opinion.

I developed 2 social skills in that environment, perfected over time. They are: -

  1. The ability to read the room.
  2. The ability to say the right thing.

Accurately reading the room is a survival skill. I do not want to be caught in a machine-gun crossfire because I lowered the volume of the television speaker. …

Disruptive Innovation

What is it and what are the applications of this technology?

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We are confronted by new forms of technology every now and then. Some of them are fads, and a few will turn out to become hugely disruptive personally and professionally.

The co-founders at Bottomsup Perspective believe that blockchain technology is here to stay and will become one of the game-changers in the digital world.

It could like the internet in 1995 and the smartphone revolution in 2008.

Do we understand it enough to ride on the wave of blockchain technology?

We decided to give it a run for our money and conduct our research on this technology platform. …

Sometimes, the answer we seek comes from the books we read

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The most challenging issues are often those right in front of us. In business and in life, we learn to solve problems. When we cannot, they linger and accumulate. Not a good deal, yeah?

I have been dealt with a litany of issues from marketing a livestream recently. This is a project I co-founded with 3 positive people on planet earth.

We would come together for planning discussions after our weekly show, only to spend up to an hour disagreeing with each other. …

Brain Health | Intelligence

It is possible, and it requires the right amount of effort in the right places

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This is a killer topic. Everyone wants to know how they can become smarter than they were yesterday. It is a form of instrumental or terminal motivation in itself.

The question is, can we?

Research shows us how we can become more intelligent as we age. And before we get too excited at the prospect of becoming the next Albert Einstein, let us get to the basics and understand what intelligence really is.

This is the definition of intelligence from -

Intelligence has been defined in many ways: higher level abilities (such as abstract reasoning, mental representation, problem solving…

Aldric Chen

I am a Consultant by training. Now, I run start-ups. I write about Money, Technology, Business, Writing, and Communication. I believe in Simplicity.

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